herr linhof

I have a wife, three children, three dogs, seven cats. I'm not a Franz Kafka, sitting alone and suffering.

Stanley Kubrick

Born 1965 in Paris, France. Second child of the fateful union between a Silesian insurance director and a Black Forest forester's daughter. Deutsche Schule Paris, Academic High School Starnberg, language studies. Graduated translator for French and English.

Several mini-careers: Surveying assistant, nursing home care giver, interpreter, boy scout leader, painter and movie extra. Can be seen for a breathtaking two seconds in L'as des as, carrying Jean-Paul Belmondo's luggage.

Apprenticeship as a camera assistant, then intern and finally executive at local TV-station Bayern Journal. Creator, executive producer and also the only employee at Lichtspiele, a movie magazine, which received exactly one fan letter in two years.

Corporate films and TV-commercials for german bank Hypovereinsbank and the company Edgar Freecards, creative executive for youth-oriented comedy television at the regional broadcaster Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR). Made several travel films to promote unbearably bleak places, as well as music videos for the notorious german mass choir »Fischer-Chöre«.

Became one of four comedy directors of PRO7's Comedy Factory in 1996, Germany's second cable TV ensemble comedy, following »RTL Samstag Nacht« (RTL Saturday Night). Nominated for the Golden Rose Montreux 97 and Telestar 98 for best Comedy-Show.

An increasing in television fatigue and a general fin-de-siècle tristesse led to additional occupational therapy at Münchner Stadtmagazin (Munich City Magazine). Later on, managing editor of the website, Germany's most popular movie site according to the magazine »tv Spielfilm«. »Top Business Site« 2000.

Triumphant return to television as director and co-author of WIB-Schaukel (WIB-swing) with Wigald Boning for public broadcaster ZDF. »Marvelously funny, intelligent, absurd, enlightening and silly« (F.A.Z./ »Frankfurter Allgemeine« Newspaper). But also: »Uneventful television, gag-free and still funny« (Robert Gernhardt). Grimme Award 2004, nominated for the German Television Award and the Golden Rose Montreux.

From 2003 on: Directed short films and comedy skids for the first three seasons (so far) of the PRO7-Comedy Tramitz and friends. The first two seasons were nominated for the German Comedy Awards. Director of three movie parodies at Schöneberger Show (ZDF). Created several TV pilots with Barbara Schöneberger, Erkan & Stefan and others. Regrettably, none of these pilots were picked up, some for good reason, others not so much. Winter 2005: A documentary film and research trip with Maddin Schneider lead to the peaks of the Himalayas. From 2006 to 2008: 66 episodes of the children's sitcom Disneys Kurze Pause (Disney's short break) for the Disney Channel on Sky.

2007: Created several SFX-Trailers for the worldwide marketing of the »Red Bull Air Race« series. Director of the PRO7-Pilot Mona Mona with comedian Mona Sharma. One of four directors of season six of Die Dreisten Drei (Three brash guys) for the cable station SAT1.

2008: Visual composition of the video installation 32 Hektar (32 hectares) at Munich's Angerhof. The summer of 2008 brought new directing work: Season four of Anke Engelkes iconic sketch-comedy ladycracker, together with Tobi Baumann and Christoph Schnee. Documentary voyage with Wigald Boning to Afghanistan, director of the pilot Land der Berge (land of the wild), a Spin-off of Tramitz and friends. Also, six episodes of Kesslers Knigge with Michael Kessler for SAT1.

Six episodes of the fourth season of the acclaimed sitcom Pastewka, as well as half of season five of ladycracker in 2009, followed by an additional five episodes of »Pastewka« and two half-seasons of »ladycracker« in 2010 and 2011. Two German Comedy Awards and a German Television Award for ladycracker, nominated for the Grimme Award for Pastewka Season Five.

Directed a number of TV-parodies for Cindy und die jungen Wilden (Cindy and the young savages) for the cable station RTL in 2012. Later that fall: Four episodes of the crime-comedy hubert and staller for the public broadcaster ARD. Four additional episodes of season three of »hubert and staller« in early summer 2013, four more episodes in 2014. Nominated for the German Television Award 2013 (best series).

In winter 2014, the movie Super-Dad was shot in Cape Town and Hamburg, being aired in May 2015 on SAT1 with an audience of 2.3 million viewers. In the same month the filming of hubert and staller – Unter Wölfen began, the second full movie accompanying the namesake TV series, followed by 6 episodes of the sitcom Blockbustaz in summer. The pilot episode of »Blockbustaz« had won the audience vote of »ZDFNeo TV Lab« in the previous year and then gone into production.

In his private life, a fondness for electronica, contemporary art and the FC Bayern München. Lives with a woman, two children, three cats and a big-ass snake south of Munich. Cooking and photography are taken very seriously.